The TOKAREX company offers a wide range of kitchen furniture. Two types of furniture are available:

  • kitchen sets (on continual sale)
  • built to order

The most typical components of kitchen furniture are found in two kitchen sets: NIKA 250 (width 250 cm with an empty space for a cooker) and NIKA 260 (width 260 cm + empty space for a cooker). Multi-series production cuts costs of product manufacture, and a method of trading (in package) decreases costs of shipping and storage, which consequently allows sale of the product at a very attractive price. Elements designed for extension allow for the adapting of the sets to every kitchen.

Built to order kitchens consist of 28 models divided into four categories

  • grupa ROYAL - classic furniture
  • grupa SENTIMA - classic furniture
  • grupa CAPITAL - modern furniture
  • grupa TRAFFIC - modern furniture